First and most importantly: This is a work of fiction. This is not real. Names, characters, places, events, conditions and institutions are the products of the author’s imagination. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.

0. Is this lesbian fiction?

Yes! It’s not as romance-focused as my other work, but it’s still lesbian fiction. It’s sci-fi, it’s horror, it’s post-apocalyptic, etc, but it’s still lesbian fiction.

1. Can you give me a more detailed blurb?

Yes! You can find one here. It’s far too long and self-indulgent for the front page.


2. Does this story need content warnings? How dark is this gonna get?

Readers should expect violence, gore, body horror, death, trauma, questions about the self, and more. However, it will not be ‘misery porn’. If you know me from my other story, Katalepsis, you probably know I have interests in healing, redemption, found family, emotional fulfilment, and euphoric transformation. You will eventually find such things here too, but our lost girls will suffer much more to get there. I ask you to trust me, but also be prepared. I promise you, this will not be a story of pointless suffering and voyeuristic trauma.

Each chapter will have a clickable content warning box at the top, which will contain anything above and beyond the genre-typical subjects I’ve already listed. If I ever miss anything, feel free to leave a comment and I will correct this.

This story will never contain any sexual violence or sex ‘on screen.’


3. Who are you? Who is writing this?

Hi! I’m Hungry, or HY, or maybe Hazel if you’re being formal. I write stories. I hope you like this one!


4. What’s the long-term plan with this story?

One book, but quite long, split up into a number of shorter structured sections almost like ‘Light Novels’, possibly with multiple points of view as the story unfolds. Total length comparable to my other published work so far, Katalepsis. Each chapter no more than 2-2.5k words. However, I am not a traditionally published author; my readers and supporters are the ones who make this all possible and determine my direction.


5. Have I see this website layout somewhere before?

Almost certainly. This is the default wordpress 2011 layout, which for historical reasons is heavily associated with web serials. If you don’t like it and want to read the story on a different background, Necroepilogos is also uploaded to Royal Road and Scribblehub.


6. The last line of the blurb is suspiciously similar to the final sentence in the TVTropes page for Nagai Gojitsudan no Nechronica. Did you steal that?

I wrote that TVTropes description, about ten years ago! In a dark, stifling room in the middle of a burning desert that I had no business being anywhere near, ill in body and mind, I wrote that strange line. Now I’m reusing it! That’s all.


7. Now that you mention it, Necroepilogos seems suspiciously similar to Nagai Gojitsudan no Nechronica. What’s up with that?

I make no secret that Nechronica is a huge influence on this story; I selected the title partly as intentional homage to Kamiya Ryou and his incredible work. I am not attempting to present my work as equal (because, well, it’s not) or pass this story off as some pale shadow. Necroepilogos is its own thing, not fanfiction. It is equally inspired by Shoujo Shuumatsu Ryokou, The Night Land, the works of Nihei Tsutomu, Bloodborne, Gakkou Gurashi, The Road, and countless other sources.


8. Why have you used AI art for the banners on this site?

Because they look incredibly weird.

I’m not a believer in AI art in general, so I feel the need to justify myself here. I believe in paying real artists for real work. No AI could create the wonderfully atmospheric and characterful piece which serves as the official front cover of Necroepilogos, drawn by the very talented @makuros011.

I decided to include rotating AI art for the banners because they look so deeply wrong. A machine-memory of what a person or a landscape is meant to look like, pieced together and reanimated by an algorithm which cannot understand the nature of what it is creating, unmediated by true consciousness or anything we might recognise as intention. Something looks back at you, something like a person trying to emerge from a pattern; is your mind creating meaning, or is there a being in there? This is deeply relevant to the themes of the story. I couldn’t resist.

That said, if it irritates my audience too much, I will happily remove them.

Hey where did the banner art go?

I’ve changed my mind about this. I’ve removed the AI generated banner art and will not be using it; replacements may appear soon. Details here, if you want more.


9. Can I support the story? Do you have a patreon?

Yes, and yes! And thank you. All patrons will get access to several chapters ahead, more details will be on the patreon page once the story begins.