Nothing walks the black cinder of Earth except the undead leftovers, reanimated by science so advanced it may as well be magic. Twisted into unimaginable forms by flesh-shaping and machine-grafting, the undead are the only remnant of a civilization reduced to bitter ash and organic slurry. Zombies shuffle through the ruins of nuclear fire and biological warfare and far worse, alongside rusted war-machines still holding the posts of a thousand ancient conflicts, dwarfed by god-engines turned so alien that even the extinct necromancers would have run screaming.

Elpida doesn’t know this world, but she’s up on her feet, leading a half-dozen other fresh revenants, ripped from the oblivion of eternity and disgorged shivering and naked on cold metal slabs in a womb-lab of blinking lights and blaring alarms, by machines running some ancient plan to spit them out into a world long dead.

Necroepilogos is a web serial about body horror and alienation, weird zombie-girls gluing themselves back together, mad science beyond mortal ken, and trying to cradle the flower of companionship in twitching, undead fingers.

Necroepilogos is part science fiction, part horror, part post-post-post-apocalyptica, part lesbian fiction, and all zombie girls wading through the ashes.

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The latest public chapter is: Arc 5, Chapter 1

New chapters posted once a week, on Thursdays. Soon, Thursdays and Tuesdays. It will run for a very long time.

Front cover art by makuros011.


Please note that Necroepilogos is intended for a mature audience. For more information, see the FAQ here.

For those of you who prefer reading web serials through Royal Road or Scribblehub, the story is mirrored there, exactly the same as the public chapters on this site.